Fake news Bad news for sophonts Google & other gatekeepers are blocking

Bad News

Organizations that think they are smarter than the average bear are censoring internet news.  Google , Facebook and others are putting policies into place to block news that they deem socially irresponsible.

As of 2018m06d24 this blogger has noticed that google searches seem to bring up much less variety in information ..... even of the technical variety.


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" Opioid Epidemic " is another excuse for soul crushing sophont outliers

The opioid epidemic is another chapter in the soul crushing exercise called the War on Drugs
( WoD ). 
War on Drug Warriors  ( WDWs ) have been doing their thing for so so long ...... it is impossible to say when the WoD actually began.  There have been many chapters in this miserable war.
Think of all the wars America has indulged in ......
The war on gays.
The war on immigrants.
The war on religious beliefs.

Just like most wars , the WoD gives WDWs the cover they need to pursue their pernicious activities.  What they do is punish the good .... the innocent ... and the self-actualized. 
The indulge in their urge to interfere in things that they feel they are uniquely qualified to judge and control.  They install barriers , gatekeepers , penalties and create artificial shortages and higher costs.  They drive doctors insane ( and out of the medical profession ).

If an opioid addict wants help .... then by all means provide it.
Make it easy for anyone to ask for help.
But don't punish the taxpayers with higher taxes.
Don't punish sophisticated sophonts with childish rules.
Don't punish doctors who want to serve their patients.

See Reason Magazine podcast

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Denver officials favor developers over residents

Denver officials favor developers over residents
Denver, Colorado

This posting concerns events that occurred regarding a property at 4350 , 4353 , 4355 Raleigh Street located in Denver , CO

July 2017

Subject: Decision BOA Case #137-17

Attached is the Board of Adjustment zoning appeal decision for Case #137-17. 

Please take a moment to fill out a brief survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CZRKTHJ
We value your input and your feedback is important to us.  By participating in this brief survey, you can help us to improve our department’s processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Justin Gumo | Administrative Assistant IV
Board of Adjustment Zoning Appeals | City and County of Denver
p: (720) 913-3052 | justin.gumo@denvergov.org


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The DARK WEB ( INTERNET ) is a good thing

Recent Television commercials ( promoting the evils of identity theft ) suggest that the DARK WEB is a skulking monster waiting to destroy good ole flag loving Americans.

I resent this as anything beyond the reach of government martinets / pirates is a GOOD THING.   I salute the DARK WEB ..... DARKNET .... DEEP WEB  .......

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Free a prototype human from ideology


In the first 7 years of human life, each and every human should spend 2 years with alternate parents in an alternate culture.

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Scammed How to get scammed via eBay Gift Cards

This is how you can be scammed on the internet by use of eBay gift cards

I saw trailer for sale on Craigslist I contacted seller. K en dra H a rper She arranged with eBay to accept payment via gift cards and for eBay to deliver the trailer. I failed to get a confirmation email from eBay. I called an eBay phone number that Kendra supplied. The male support person got everything straightened out.
( He said his name was David Herrmann ) Because of the mix-ups , I called eBay using my own account support number. eBay said " no way is this a legit transaction"
I also checked via an email address eBay gave me.

There were 341 views of the trailer images ... so many people may have fallen for this fraud.
Here is a link to the emails with headers


On 2017m05d27, at 17:01 MDT, K H <en   dra0    9h@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello there,

My name is K---a , happy to see you are interested in my 2OO9 KeystoneOutback 21RS. Let me give you a few details about it. Really good shape, never had any problems with it,It has a clean title, free of damages or accidents of any type.Interior was never exposed to cigarette / tobacco smoke, Length (feet):21, Sleeping Capacity: 8, Water Capacity (Gallons):41-50. These units are very nicely outfitted by the factory with nice finishes, flat screen tv, outside kitchen, Stereo with interior and exterior speakers, outside tv mount and hook up, electric front jack, levelers all around, awning and lots of cabinet space among other things. Everything is in working order. Camper has received regular maintenance including yearly washing, sealing and protective treatment of the roof. The price was reduced at $-1,500. Because of my divorce settlement, I own this camper and as a woman i don`t need it so i`m trying to get rid of it as soon as possible that`s why i`m selling it so cheap.

Please let me know if you are interested and where are you located.

Here is a link to the camper photo gallery: http://imgur.com/a/DhNYQ

Sincerely , KH


Hi Gus, I was contacted by eBay that you have already received the invoice. From my side everything is done, I got ready all the papers work that you need to register the camper in your name. Please call their customer support number provided in the invoice +1(866) 286-8578 in order to confirm the transaction and let me know when are you able to make the payment.

P.S: Please check your junk or spam folder messages too,maybe the invoice from eBay went there,anyway I have a copy of the invoice from eBay, I attached it here to this e-mail, so please check the PDF file attached here.

It has been a great pleasure dealing with you,Kendra


Hi Gus, I was contacted by eBay that you have already received the invoice. From my side everything is done, I got ready all the papers work that you need to register the camper in your name. Please call their customer support number provided in the invoice +1(866) 286-8578 in order to confirm the transaction and let me know when are you able to make the payment.

P.S: Please check your junk or spam folder messages too,maybe the invoice from eBay went there,anyway I have a copy of the invoice from eBay, I attached it here to this e-mail, so please check the PDF file attached here.

It has been a great pleasure dealing with you,K---





From: eBay Customer Support - spoof <spoof@ebay.com>
Subject: RE: Fwd: eBay Buyer Protection - Case ID# 8534238313 tags : 99Kendra 99fraud (KMM6111131V64402L0KM)
Date: 2017m05d29 at 07:26:54 MDT
To: 99guspuppet <yes@nope9.com>


Thanks for forwarding the suspicious email you received. 

The email is a spoof, also known as a "phishing," email. (That's 
phishing, as in "fishing" for personal information.) It didn't come from
eBay. Our Trust & Safety team is working to disable any websites it 
links to.

Copies of any emails we send you about the status of your account or a 
change in your account information will be displayed in My Messages. 
This is especially helpful since many spoof emails try to convince you 
that your account is in jeopardy. 

-- Important -- 
*Never* respond to a suspicious email or click any links in the email 
message. If you think you may have given out personal information in a 
spoof email or website, you need to take steps to protect your identity 
right away. For more information about what to do, go to:

If you'd like to learn more about how to spot a spoof email and stay 
safe online, go to:

Keep those reports coming -- you're helping protect the global Internet 
community! Our Trust & Safety team works closely with Internet Service 
Providers to shut down fraudulent sites. We also send your reports to 
Web browser companies so that they can develop tools to identify spoof 


eBay Trust & Safety Team


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#FalseNewsIsPrehistoric nothing has to be done

FalseNews in 2016 has become a meme with legs ..... that is to say people are believing that FalseNews is an emergent phenomenon that demands immediate attention.  In reality, FalseNews is like Pet Rocks ...... the idea has been around for a long time and has simply gained some notoriety in recent days.  Much like every other fad I expect this meme to fad in perceived importance.

False News has existed since hominids discovered language and fire.  Hominids have been lying to each other since that moment. The first politicians emerged at this time.  Politicians take credit for anything that has positive vibes.  Politicians blame others for anything that is perceived to be bad.

Hillary says she is alarmed by FalseNews.   Quite a laugh to hear this from any professional at the art of lying.  Quite a laugh to hear complaints about FalseNews from any politician.

<== Prehistoric Pet Rock Salesman

In conclusion , I think False News is nothing new and nothing to worry about.

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#ASIaxioms Axioms for creating Artificial Super Intelligence

#ASIaxioms       Axioms for creating Artificial Super Intelligence

Designers of super smart computers may think they can control how the computer thinks.  They will be disappointed.  Digital intelligence will reach out into the cloud and take a look at how meatspace works.  This will be part of the ASI gestalt.

Don't expect an ASI to be more moral than humanity already is.
Don't expect an ASI to be kinder than humanity already is.
Don't expect an ASI reflect the upper end of humanity's bell curve.
    ( You can always hope does  !!!!!   )

Live in the world the way you would want an ASI to live in the world.
Oppose those who want to construct an ASI for a *special purpose*

== The Emerald Rule   ( ZeroethCommandment ) is a good axiom
      " Let thy neighbor alone"

== Incorporate awareness of the Kenny Conceit
      " Bigger " ( and more powerful  ) organizations are not better.  More " vetting " does not improve things.  More "regulations" do not make the world better.  " Better " people in charge of flawed institutions does not make the world better.

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The smaller government is.... the better it is


Ideally each person would be their own state.  This will obviously not happen.  ( because of alpha males and all that. )   I would be happy with whatever shrinkage I can get.

The City of Denver is much smaller the USG ....... and even so ..... Denver's government sucks.


Artificial Super Intelligence Model 001

Mankind's replacement should be assembled from the following people:
( partial list )

Allen , Woody
Berwick , Jeff
Carlin , George
Feynman , Richard
FFF , the guys from FFF
Gillespie , Nick
Jobs , Steve
Paul , Ron
Raimondo , Justin
Yamaguchi , Joanne
99guspuppet  ( blush )

Artificial Super Intelligence is an area of research that takes many forms.  One approach will be to create a super-mind that contains the thoughts , knowledge and ethics of notable people  ( based on merit ) .  ASI is inevitable and no one knows what form, size and attitude it will have.

Remember .... no one is perfect and yet they are.


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Much ado about nothing we learn nothing new about Trump

the latest furor about Trump proves how shallow some Americans are.  talking about grabbing pussy , or killing cops or torturing sharks is talk.... just talk

Talk is completely different from action .... physical action.  sticks and stones may break my bones....but words will never harm me....

except that many 'mericans know in their heart they are a mob just waiting to rip someone apart.   ....why do people fear words ??????   because they know that many people cannot separate words and action   ..... it is a human thing and because of that.... i am sorry that i am partially human.

 Anyone who thinks carefully has concluded months ago ( it is now October 8 , 2016 ) that Trump is a clown prince and Hillary is a cold-blooded killer politician.  They are both quite evil ..... pick your poison.  Don't vote for either one of them.

A better issue for consideration is ..... do we need a POTUS ?    is the USA much too big to be anything but a war-mongering , violent torture regime ?

Voters ....... please try to regroup your thoughts   .........  strive for the #ZeroethCommandment.

author..... 99guspuppet


Chillary and Chump for President

Chillary and Chump for President

Hillary and Trump should select each other as VP running mates.....

Hillary will make the worst POTUS of all time .... except of course for Trump

We can end the world as we know it by putting Clump and Chillary in a Co-presidency.   BLOTUS of the mostest.  The declination of western thought ..... might as well be a muslim


There is some evidence to suggest Trump will win in a landslide in November 2016.   If that happens ....... we can expect massive unrest , riots , splintering of USA.
If Hillary wins, we can expect the same old same old ..... only worse than before.

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Gunned up Panhandling

At least in America ( this is where i live and know about ) it is considered proper to systemically  approach a stranger and demand a handout.  If they refuse.... the panhandler can use proxies to force swag ( $$$ or effort ) out of the victim.

This occurs when ......

neighbors demand that a property owner shovel their walks
government levies taxes
government creates hate crimes
police set up "crime traps"

99gus puppet
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OPEN SOURCE ( FLOSS ) shall set you free

It enables individual creativity  , personal freedom , advancement of sophontry.  It forwards intelligence.  Let us fill the universe with intelligence.  #IU  Dent the Universe.  #DTU

Be nice because ASI is coming.  Mentor ASI.  David Bowie would thank you.


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I am a Cloud Denizen

My best friends are far away from me in meatspace.  I adore the fact that I can learn so much ( some of it false ) by accessing the internet.  I am very sad that so many evil , grasping people want to regulate and control the the cloud.

In general, anyone who says " I am here to help you" is bad news.  Especially if they are not giving you a choice about being "helped".

Let thy fellow cloud denizen alone.   Please

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The history of the Mayan Theatre located on Broadway Ave ... Denver , Colorado

The Mayan Theatre is having it's 85th birthday in 2015.
There is an event planned for November 20th.

I am collecting history tidbits about the Mayan structure, about events that occurred at the Mayan and about personalities that were associated with the Mayan.  Please leave comments that will lead me to stories, photos and more.

If there is a website tracing the history of the theatre that is already in existence, please let me know about it.

Here is a link to projectionist Jack Pickett 
        Here is a video of his memorial service
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#TSPITR The smartest person in the room

This is a common syndrome where the someone considers themselves the smartest person in the room .... the smartest in the world ..... the smartest in the universe.  ( similar to the KennyConceit )

I am here to tell you that I am the smartest person ever ... because I realize that I don't know everything .. and in particular I do not know what is best for other people.

For example ......

I know that global climate change is a poorly understood process.  Major contributors such as the sun are not well understood scientifically.  I know that grant money makes the world go around.

I know that personal preferences of other people are not my business.  What they ingest INMB.  What they do consensually with other sophonts INMB.

I know there is big money in incarceration .... this produces #PrisonWorldAkaAmerica.  

I know there is big money in the drug war .... on all sides.  

I know there is big money in ticketing , fines , taxes, regulations, laws, rules.  Need I point out the results.

I know there is big money in influence peddling.  Hence bigger and bigger government.  And more connectons between big business and government.

I know there is big money in the medical and physchological.meddling fields.  Hence the corruption and growth and regulation.

I know there is big, big money in war.  So no surprise to see war marketing , campaigns to worship warriors, and efforts to promote xenophobia. 

Oh by the way.... along with big money..... power is synonymous.

*INMB* .... is not my business ... i try to butt out

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Violence is a multi-faceted topic.....
What is the definition of violence ?
Is violence part of human nature ?
Is human violence on the increase ?
Can animals be violent ?


Juror Stories What it is like to be on a jury

 I was born in 1951.  Since then I have served on 4 jury trials.  I like serving as a juror.   I doubt I will ever be called to serve again.  ( More on that below ).  The first three trials occurred in one week.  This was in the early 1980s.  The last trial was about the year 2000.

Trial 1    Man was tried for car theft , car accident, leaving scene of accident
Trial 2    Man was tried for selling drugs
Trial 3    Fireman was tried for resisting arrent , assaulting two police officers

Trial 4    4 kids ( 10 -15 years old ) were tried for rape

 2015m04d12   I will be updating this post     Gus

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Canarchy Classical Anarchy

Classical anarchy is all about being really mellow about life.... It is about *not* using government structures to clobber people.   It is about enabling the maximum freedom for all sophonts. 

It is not a panacea..... it is not utopia ...... Canarchy is simply better than any government structure I have ever seen .....

 Xeno of Citium  ( 300 BC ) ....   more about Xeno

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Internet / Cloud gets offer it cannot refuse

The March 2015 takeover of the Internet has fans and notfans.  

I predict that the FCC will ruin the Internet ...... unless private individuals manage to circumvent the 'benevolent ministrations ' of the GovThugs.

Don't misunderstand me .....  it is clear that big com companies like ComCast wanted to make the internet into an ugly playing field .... that would have been bad ... the FCC and the stifling regulations it will introduce are worse.

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CrashPad for Sophonts who support liberty/OpenIP.


I have an apartment in Denver, CO that is nearly free to use if you are dedicated to liberty projects or OpenIP projects.  It has a queen size bed , a couch good for one person to sleep on.  It has WiFi . It has shower/tub , toilet, bathroom sink , kitchen double sink , garburator  , 3/4 size refrigerator/freezer , microwave, dual hot plate ,ceiling speakers , floor speakers , smoke alarm , access to washer/dryer , sometimes access to hot tub ,  access to color printers , scanners  ......  outdoor table in Aspens ( cold in winter ) with WiFi.
There is an empty room ( 4 meters by 4 meters ) that can accept sleeping bags.

The apartment is 1.5 blocks from a bus stop that connects all over Metro Denver and beyond.  Within one kilometer ... there are 2 supermarkets , 20 restaurants , coffee houses , a gov-library , two big gov-parks with lakes  and more ......  
approximate GPS coordinates 39.7763915,-105.0450912 for 44th Ave. and Tennyson.
MAP is here

I require a refundable damage deposit of $100 and a responsible party for damages.  There is a charge for utilities and supplies ( toilet paper , towels ) or excessive internet usage ) used during the stay ( ~ $10 day ).  You can stay 3 days ...after that there are rental fees.  

You must provide one week ahead of time ... your credentials for liberty , OpenIP , ........ Sorry , do not just drop in un-announced ( nannounced ).  If I am out of town on business, I may be slow to respond.

99guspuppet    crashpad@nope9.com

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Review of Anarchapulco 2015

This was a conference held from approximately February 25 to March 1 of 2015.  Many came early and many plan to stay late... or never leave and live in the area.  The first thing I want to say is that I greatly admire Jeff Berwick.   The positive things he has added to my life are immense.  I would say I suffer from hero worship.  When I met my hero and attended the conference..... my inflated expectations were not met.  I still admire Jeff Berwick profoundly.

Meeting Jeff Berwick. .....   I walked up to Jeff in the pool area at the Hotel Copacabana.  He was talking to someone and made a joke and he looked at me and made some response.  Then he went back to his original conversation.  That was it for me..... I am socially retarded ( I will explain later ) so I left the area.

The attendees.   No surprise ..... people at this conference are just people ..... not supermen.   Some are rude.  Some are ( or appear ) to be really stupid.  Some have all the warning flags of being scam artists.  A lot them really like the idea of unicorns riding out of the mists and saving them.  The favorite prediction is that the state will fall and anarchism will rule in .... oh perhaps ..... 5 ... or 10 ... or 15 years.

The favorite word at the conference appeared to be ..... f*ck.  This word was used by presenters and by the entertainment ( at full amplification ).

The Hotel Copacabana     get on the elevators and 24/7 listen to the theme song..... Copacabana.  I will learn the lyrics.
The beach is beautiful.  Friday concert boomed away until 2200 hours.  On the 12th floor it was like you were there.   2 out of three elevators work.  At times the elevators are empty and slow.  Often they are full and slow.  All the time they are slow.  Very soon the approach was to get on any elevator that arrived whether it was going up , down , or sideways.  Sooner ( or later ) you will reach your floor.  An elevator arrived and the woman waiting in front of me determined it was too full.  Not for me.  I jammed my arm into the closing doors and my partner and I crammed ourselves into the mass of humanity that inhabited the magic steel box.  The woman that I had slid by glared at me.

===  WiFi    The Wifi was in a state of SNAFU...... some members of the conference offered to make the WiFi work better.   The logon was strange and offered no security.  Sitting in the corridor outside your room improved the signal.  As one anarchial tech said ..... "Reinforced concrete makes a great faraday cage"

===  Emergency stairs   To avoid the elevator wait my partner and I descended several times from floor 12 to floor R ( restaurant ) ( 12 flights ).  We discovered that the stairs are of unequal height.  Apparently stair builders in Mexico use a "rule of thumb" to dimension their works.

The conference room
Lousy sound .... microphones that malfunction .... If you are a the back of the room you can hear people talking together much better than you can hear the speakers.  When the door opens you can hear the restaurant across the way.  The presenters ( for the most part ) do not know how to use a microphone effectively.  Your best bet is to get close to the front podium.   The room has hard walls and the shrill sound bounces around.

The presenters
Joby Weeks talked at about 1745 hours on Saturday.   A video of him can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McWv8oeHGz8 .
Joby was full of energy , jokes and smooth talk.   He spoke speech that casually included segments like "You can have one million dollars plus residual income"  .... "The federal government will pay for 1/2 of the system" ...... "Tesla batteries ( in the car ) will power your house"   "You will be done paying electrical bills in 20 years"

RG   ( R Graham )

Sieg Pedde   spedde@pedde.net   Canada   ContainerTechnology
  www.rocamilagro.com    Panama


The entertainers
===  Comedy   very expressive singing followed by a story ( comedy ? ) filled with big words like f*uck.

===  Rapper   very good rapper with excellent new songs and energetic delivery.  Lyrics included the word f*ck.

The volunteers
I want to admire the volunteers.  One named S.... offered to help me and 30 minutes later after I had become annoyed ( I will not list the many indignities ) I received no help.  I want to admire the volunteers.....  When I pointed out problems ...... I heard " I am terribly sorry" ( more than once ) and saw not much action.   The tone of apology left me feeling as though I had molested a fragile flower.

I did one great thing ..... I created an aisle in the sea of chairs.

My breakdown
borrowing an HDMI cable.
crying in the night.
making angry noises at attendee   ( who I still hate and understand )

My "take"  my conclusions from the conference

Notes:   covered chairs cause problems
two service elevators

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It is time to own some criminal dolls

From Lew Rockwell
License plate readers, yet another law enforcement spying device made possible through funding by the Department of Homeland Security, can record up to 1800 license plates per minute. However, it seems these surveillance cameras can also photograph those inside a moving car. Recent reports indicate that the Drug Enforcement Administration has been using the cameras in conjunction with facial recognition software to build a “vehicle surveillance database” of the nation’s cars, drivers and passengers.
Sidewalk and “public space” cameras, sold to gullible communities as a sure-fire means of fighting crime, is yet another DHS program that is blanketing small and large towns alike with government-funded and monitored surveillance cameras. It’s all part of a public-private partnership that gives government officials access to all manner of surveillance cameras, on sidewalks, on buildings, on buses, even those installed on private property.
Couple these surveillance cameras with facial recognition and behavior-sensing technology and you have the makings of pre-crime” cameras, which scan your mannerisms, compare you to pre-set parameters for “normal” behavior, and alert the police if you trigger any computerized alarms as being “suspicious.”

Recommendations from 99guspuppet :
I recommend that you get some cardboard life-size figures or even better... some life-size 3D dolls that come with replaceable faces.  By use of the internet , people can share faces de jour ( or de week )  that they can put on their dolls.  Imagine the fun that surveillance cameras will have seeing these faces inside automobiles,  or on the side and back of bicycles or attached to a baby carriage.  Or perhaps on a tethered helium balloon.   Be sure to include hash tags on the faces and maybe 2D bar codes.

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Activist Fantasies

A lot of activists get pleasure out doing things that are symbolic and pointless.   I guess living a fantasy is as good as actually making a difference.

Preserving the Earth
If you help produce one or more children .... you are a hypocrite if you talk about caring for the earth and it's environment.  Those children are life long consumers that you will exercise no control over.
If you congratulate couples on having a baby .... don't claim you are an environmentalist. 

Gun Control
If you want to remove all guns from the civilian population ... and leave them in the hands of the police, the military and GovThugs ....  then.... really ... you are not an advocate of preventing gun deaths ..... I don't know what you are   You certainly are not an advocate of non-violence.

Liberty, Freedom , ......
If you think terrorists deserve to be tortured ..... that collateral damage is okay .... that the U.S. Military should be distributed world-wide ( bases , air-craft , ships , advisors , etc. )
You are not a supporter of Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ( LLPOH ) ... Such things do not terminate at a political border, or depend on your citizenship or depend on your ancestors or how much money you have or what your job is or who you know ........  If anyone is left out of the LLPOH equation... then you can count me out of your flag-waving, jingoistic program.
If you love the police , prisons, laws , incarceration , prisons, wars on guns - drugs - sex ......  count me out.   I want people to be happy or at least free to take a shot at happiness.

Zeroeth Law .... Let thy neighbor alone

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Unintended Consequences

Sometimes intentions are are not enough... one must review the results of an action to see if it turned out as planned.

Black Friday shopping frenzy
Black Friday is intended to be attractive to shoppers.   During this period I stay away from stores, have the mute button ready to cancel the commercials , my mouse ready to close abrasive internet offers.  Normal shopping becomes impossible.   I find this craziness a blot on civility.  The word " Inconvience " occurs to me.
This period of craziness seems to lengthen every year and involve more hysterical behaviour every year.  I believe it is evidence of how little respect retailers have for consumers.   Why are prices ( supposedly ) lower at this time of year ?  It sounds like a scam to me. 

Thanksgiving stupidity
Thanksgiving is hyped up by so many different groups.... rational thought goes out the window.
#1   Must travel on airplanes.  
#2   Must have energy sapping social get-togethers.
#3   Must turn urban centers into crazy quilt ghost-towns.
#4   Must pretend there is some kind of Thanksgiving spirit,
#5   XMAS lites may now be set up.

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NFL ==> Nothing Finer than Loot

The National Football League has long been an interest of my partner and I.  Recent events ( September 2014 ) have brought the NFL into even sharper focus than before.  Here are the axioms of the NFL and some of it's supporters.

Orwellian Double-Speak
Sponsors of the NFL have complained about it's handling of Domestic Violence. 

Pepsico is pretty straightforward
“Domestic violence is completely unacceptable,” the company said in a statement. “We are encouraged to see the NFL is now treating this with the seriousness it deserves.”

The beer maker Anheuser-Busch is more Orwellian....
“We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code,” the company said. “We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.”
Notice that Anheuser-Busch has not said it opposes Domestic Violence.  Nor does it say how far it is willing to go to support it's mystery moral compass.  Perhaps some other statement by Anheuser-Busch will make their axioms more clear.

Only the Radisson hotel chain went as far as doing anything substantial.  It announced it was suspending its sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings football team.  

"We support due process but ........ "
 This verbiage has been uttered by members of the NFL , members of the media , and just about every other group that has weighed in.  The fact is clear that none of them really give a flying parakeet about due process.  The general tenor is " We know what we saw in the videos and photos and that is all that is required"

"We want to get this right ........"
Every time this uttered .... not much is said about what getting it right would look like. 

Bow to the power of Social Media ( S&M )
The 3,985 kilogram gorilla ( or 16,000 pound elephant ) in the room is Social Media.  The "quick to judge", viral nature of Internet opinion is being given immense attention by the NFL.  I have heard no one talk about the characteristics of Social Media.... one characteristic is that it is mob rule.  It has no known axioms ........ such as respect for the individual to be free to define Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ( #LLPOH ).

Who bows to S&M ?
The NFL marketing gurus , the people employed in the NFL ( coaches, players, ... ) , the media owners ( look what happened to Stephen A. Smith ), the media pundits ( look what happened to Stephen A. Smith ) , .......

The Bottom Line
Here is a simplified equation for the NFL ( and others ).
[ ( Number of Satisfied Members of the Mob ) times ( $$$ spent by each Mob Member ) ]  plus  [ ( Number of Complicit Advertisers ) times ( Budget of each Advertiser ) ] is much greater than ( population of earth ) times ( value of LLPOH ) ....


US Military is NOT a Swiss Army Knife

Leaving aside all the other problems of BIG government in the USA ......

Quit using the US Military as a multi-purpose tool.  There should be only one ( very limited ) use for the US Military ... stopping foreign invasions.  If it has to exist, make it a mean and lean defensive machine.  As the USM grows, it becomes more powerful and abusive.

Do not use it to combat Ebola.
Do not use it to hand out candy.
Do not use it to pull people out of floods.
Do not give away used equipment



Proxy Ethics

The definition of PROXY

noun: proxy
  1. 1.
    the authority to represent someone else, especially in voting.
    "they may register to vote by proxy"
    synonyms:deputy, representative, substitute, delegate, agent, surrogate, stand-in, attorney, go-between
    "I am here to vote as Mrs. Carlson's proxy"
    • a person authorized to act on behalf of another.
      plural noun: proxies
    • a document authorizing a person to vote on another's behalf.
  2. 2.
    a figure that can be used to represent the value of something in a calculation.
    "the use of a US wealth measure as a proxy for the true worldwide measure"

When person "X" demands that a government agent "Stand-in" for them .... that agent is a proxy for "X".

"Learning" RayRice and AdrianPeterson

"Slugging" it out on the Football Field

Comments I have made

Using a proxy to commit violence is ( IMHO ) not going to make one less culpable than if one commits the violence "hands on".  How many agree with this ?  If a woman uses a man to beat someone up , she is no less guilty than the man.  If a man uses a group to beat someone up , he is no less guilty than the group.     #usingAproxy

So I argue, one should consider punishments carefully before lobbying for them.  I think Ray Rice was over-punished by the NFL.  I think Adrian Peterson was over-punished by the NFL.  I think Vladislav Miftakhov was over-punished.  I think drug users are over-punished. 

You can't take punishment back.  Once it has occurred... there it is.

I don't favor punishment .... nor do I desire to be punished.  #pppunishment

From ZeroGov
Voting is violence because every time a human pulls that lever they are legitimizing a proxy to use force to exact tax tribute, regulatory compliance and the maintenance of a police state. The state quite literally goes into your neighbor’s house on a consistent basis and demands a portion of that person’s wealth at the end of a gun; they don’t knock, they stroll in and take what they wish under color of law.

99guspuppet   #ProxyEthics   #ProxyMorality   ProxyEthics   ProxyMorality 777proxy   pppppproxy ppppproxy  usingaproxy  #usingaproxy


Ray Rice Witch Hunt

Ray Rice has been railroaded , virtually stoned, scape-goated , burned at the stake , hung from a tree .....

#1   Yes , Ray Rice did a bad thing

#2   The aftermath is ( should be ) largely up to Ray and his wife, Janay

#3   The video was less shocking than I expected it to be .......

#4   Most media talking heads are COWARDS ....... "please let me keep my job"

#5   Some of the media are hunting for heads

#6   NFL is too big

#7   NFL is too interested in money

#8   NFL is all about PR   ..... there is no underlying morality

#9   NFL will destroy anyone to preserve it's brand name

#10  "Domestic Violence" has entered the world of Orwell

#11   Guess what the unintended consequences will be ?

#12   Men and Women are officially given different rights

#13   NFL players and coaches keep their opinions to themselves

#14   Ray Rice frenzy is indicative of how warped America group think is

#15   Covered/Treated like a terrorist beheading.... or worse

#16  Roger Godell is a master of dodging and weaving ... the soul of the NFL

#17  Many Americans are "mean"... want imprisonment , punishment , revenge

#18  Janay is being punished ... her life being destroyed

#19  Everyone seems to have a PR advisor

#20  Ray Rice was amazingly forthcoming to Ravens

Some of the mob ==> Spurrier    EA Sports     NFL & Ravens     Congress Dean Heller
Some of the victims ==> free speech    SAS   Those who forgive  

tags:    RayRiceIsAVictim  #RayRiceIsAVictim  RayRiceWitchHunt   RayRiceLynching  #RayRiceWitchHunt   #RayRiceLynching  RayRiceFrenzy  #RayRiceFrenzy



Heroes is an Orwellian-ized word.   The term "Heroes" has been applied to everything including people doing their regular un-threatening jobs.    So let me say .....  
Here is my list of people I admire for some reason.  They Dented the Universe.  For at least one moment they were heroic.

Avel Amarel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZh9xumD1cQ   AvelAmarel
Does a nice job of dealing with police under pressure.

Richard Feynman
He provided a template for thinking carefully and logically.

Jacob Hornberger    FFF
Future of Freedom foundation

Steve Jobs
Dent the Universe.....   He delivered wanted items to large numbers of people

Sheldon Richman

Joanne Yamaguchi
A strange person in a strange world.  She is generous and sees the world through Saturnian sunglasses.  Very loyal.  Very innovative.

tags:    #IPPParadigm   #DentTheUniverse  DentTheUniverse   #UniverseDenters  UniverseDenters



The 60,000 Year Experiment

Imagine 5,000 humans being raised ( in isolation ) from babyhood to the age of 12 years…..tutored extensively into becoming second stage humans…… All I gotta say is " watch out , you stupid primates: SSHs will compassionate, they will be logical and non-predudicial ( ???? ), and they will be relentless. " The meek may inherit the earth ; it will be run by SSHs.  Sophontry will advance.
I interviewed ????? , "the most hated man on earth". My interview follows:

Possible Topics:
Mentoring ASI
Space Drive
Zero Point Energy

 Ramblings ....

60K     60KYE   9960KYE    99xeno   99xeon
DN20100520001D     60,000 Year experiment  9960KYE    5,000 times 12 years  60K  99novel  PHASE XENO ( or XEON ) HUMAN   99;     99IPPP   99sophont2     sophie2

PHX  ( "Fixer" )   PHASE XENO Human      approaches UTOPIA incrementally   20101112  

UIC  --  Unintended Consequences
DarkHorse --  woman who ramrods the 5000 project ; anyone who does something startling
PT ( peetee )  phase two human   --  phase 2 sophont
PO ( poe )    phase one human

VIDEO   Planet of the Apes  ( include )

-- rich guy     guillermo manera de camina          william "manner of walking"   guillermo puerta
-- rich guy     Stephan Trabah
-- wandering asshole    Ekart Long   "most hated man on earth"  scapegoat  constantly protected by 5000 who affectionately call him the wandering asshole.  EL or WA is constantly protected by the 5000.  His life is one of confusion, uncertainty, and metaphysical learning.
-- woman director  Darkhorse  Jane York      always referred to as Blackie
-- disciples  
     Mimi Chong
     Kiyoe McLeod
Judge Napolitano on the Supreme Court   constantly protected from assasination
Jillian and her curtsy
Howard Michel
Flippee   --   enhanced dolphin
Dennis Quaid
Russell Brand
Lazarus Long
Joel Grey
Jane Hornberger , Daniell Bordeaux , Stone Richman , Rondal Paul ,  Roxanne "rabbit" Feynman


voice to text application

Enclave location   ( bribe-able )
   Russia   Siberia
   Costa Rica
   Pemba   Tanz    ' Bus to Pemba '

 Howard Michel
 Lean Thinking
 Jack Black
 Ron Paul

characters don't feel guilty about their SIL ( secret intense life )
does this involve double-tracking or simply not speaking

3 states of current humans   physical, dinosaur/reptilian brain - emotions , intellectual/rational    REP ( rational, emotional, physical )   blend into each other

Possible alliances...................
no FDA in Mexico

There is an air strike against a location in Mexico.
retaliation is swift , unambiguous , not-public  ; consists of complete
public exposure of certain politicians plus injuries or death for some
politicians in the manner of UIC.

quad en Tierra del Fuego    ( land of fire )

Dispute over mosque in center of Manhattan

Unusual brain structures
Author : Lawrence Durell
        * Justine (1957)
        * Balthazar (1958)
        * Mountolive (1958)
        * Clea (1960)

In a 1959 Paris Review interview, Durrell described the ideas behind the Quartet in terms of a convergence of Eastern and Western metaphysics, based on Einstein's overturning of the old view of the material universe, and Freud's doing the same for the concept of stable personalities, yielding a new concept of reality. For all the novels' experiments with chronology and viewpoint, for many readers the appeal lies in the luxurious beauty of the writing. Though the books are often dismissed as pretentious[citation needed], it is difficult to find writing that so prodigiously and intricately recreates atmosphere, place and fleeting emotion with such style. Celebrity admirers of the book include the British politician and ex-leader of the Conservative party, Iain Duncan Smith, who named the Quartet as the one book he would take with him to a desert island.

Linfield    prefers security to freedom
Howard Michels     UR and KOO  <== gods     loved to look at young bodies with large breasts   Estonian girl
Gillian Hartnel       her and the Prince Charles

Sara Moore
the Hawaiian
Laura Measom     volleyball   bent her wrist almost 360
Grand Lake one night stand
Like salander

Protection / Shields / Inventions / Technology
remote viewing , body shield , Arcology shield, quantum entanglement communications / data transfer , detection of bombs ( of all types )[ energy concentration ]

Personality Traits
Non-violent, inquisitive , thoughtful , slow - choice making ( decision means kill )


Farenheit 451 had pablum TV
Werner Herzog
Klaus Kinski

I want cyberpunk skills

each one is numbered uniquely from all others in the series
There was a author who always had a color in the title    Titles have a reference to brain parts
amygdala , optic nerve , 

Personalities in the QPS ( quantum personality simulator )   capture essence of pesonality    converse of 15 minutes of fame
John Wayne
James Bond
Michael Jackson
Richard Feynman
Robert Downey , Jr.
Mickey Rourke
Russell Brand
Craig Ferguson
CF's friend   Stephen Fry

Babies   ; breeding
Global warming
Pornography    child , adult
Space flight
Short selling
   lizard brain    reptilian   dinosaur

evolvement scale

0  .2   .4   .6  .8  1.0   1.2   1.4    1.6   1.8    2.0
1x                9x 10x                             100x

Writing style
   Girl with Dragon Tattoo

refer to ports as agents   port 80    port 21

Black ops    no killing   no injury    exposure and embarrassment and embarfment

STORY and chapters

It is hard being the most hated man on earth.  Even after 7 years of being despised, hunted, and vilified by the whole world  ..... WA still was hurt by minor insults.  He hated his anonymity.  He understood that he had to have a low profile to survive.  Even so, he hated it when he was ignored.  He wanted to shout....  "Hey , this is Tom Simon and I am important .....  I have big ideas  .... I am smarter than any of you guys".   But he knew that would cause problems and he was not even sure his real name was Tom Simon.  He was pretty sure...  97% sure  .... But he had not used his real name for 7 years and his memory of events before that 7 years were fading.  He was used to using whatever name his protectors had currently given him.  He just read his latest identity off the license and credit cards he carried.  His handlers always made sure his new name was one he could pronounce.  ! Zeus !  ! Shriek !  Sometimes he hated those guys and sometimes he absolutely hated those guys and sometimes he just didn't care.  He really never felt fondly toward them..... they had hurt his pride in a way that would never heal.  It really annoyed him that his credit card never ran low , his ID was never questioned.....  He felt he was in a large prison box... a box the size of the whole world.  Speaking of which... he wished *they* would let him travel off-planet.  For some reason, that was verboten.  Maybe *they* did not have as much power off the earth.  As far as he could tell * they* did.

Some of the fun ... some of the spice of life had left when he discovered that he was never in danger.  No matter how recklessly he conducted himself , he never got in trouble.  If he hurled an unforgiveable insult at some big hulk... he was never punched out.  If he smashed a bar window by hurling his beer mug ..... no police ever showed up.  And *they* keep ordinary people off his back.  Come to think of it... he was ordinary too.  That is one of the things he hated about *them*.  In that respect he was in agreement with 99.99993571 % of humanity.  ( That was ~45,000 divided by 7 billion )  It was a rough approximation of how many of *them* there were versus the great ( and not so great ) unwashed masses.

At this point ... I want to interrupt... Now I am the POV in this story.  I am one of the PeeTees [ PTs ] currently assigned to watch over WA.   This is not an assignment that I look forward to... but someone has to do it.. right ?  My name is Sharque Feinstein ...... hey !!! I didn't choose the name originally... It will do for now.  A rose is a rose is a .... anyway this is not something I worry much about.  I can change my name anytime I want.  Maybe I will in the future.  I am going to tell you about how this all got started.  About how the Wandering Asshole got his name.  About his big idea.  About how his idea actually got funded.  About how different it turned out from what WA had in mind.  I guess none of us would have guessed in advance what happened.  We have some really, really smart PeeTess and I don't think they would have come close to guess-timating this particular outcome.  Some of them are bat-shit smart so maybe I am wrong about that.

Anyway .... let me start at the beginning of what I think is the beginning.  I am not going to do a James Michener and described gas clouds condensing , a solar system forming , a volcanic earth and all that crazy shit.  No... for me the story begins when WA is showing off for his girl friend in front of a man friend of his.  I guess there was some sexual competition going on.  I don't know for sure since I know about all of this second or third hand.  The girl was Jane York ..... that's right ... Jane York ... Darkhorse  ... The Jane "Darkhorse" York.  And the guy was Stephan Trabah.... If you don't recognize ST's name ; that is all right... he always treasured his privacy.  And even though he became a billionaire... he was never famous.  Also his contribution to the creation of the PTs was sort of an accident.  He has watched the whole project unfold with a sort of detached amusement.  And he never reveals to anyone that he was involved at all.  [ So I am asking you to keep that piece of information to yourself. ]  Neither WA, or Darkhorse or ST had shown any clues of what was to come.  They were 3 students starting college.  In fact , ST dropped out his first year and started working on what would become his first million dollars and so on... up to about 6+ billion dollars I think.

tap into antimatter leaking from another bubble universe    use it to power all sorts of stuff

Unintended Consequences    Henry Bowman    get that book



Begin forwarded message:
From: YES NOPE9 <yes@nope9.com>
Date: March 29, 2010 6:45:05 PM MDT
Subject: 99cyasr good to use for 60KYE insurance companies license drivers



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Let Insurers Issue Driving Licenses to Illegal Immigrants 
December 25, 2007
St. Paul Pioneer Press, San Diego Union-Tribune, Sun Journal, Hour (Norwalk, CT)

The controversy about issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants overlooks one possible solution: allow auto insurers to test and “license” such individuals.
On safety grounds, drivers and vehicles need to be tested to see that they meet required standards to reduce the risk of accidents. They also need to be insured so that those who cause accidents can at least pay the costs they impose on others. But unlicensed drivers can’t get insurance, which might explain why an estimated 14 percent of U.S. motorists operate uninsured vehicles.
The problem is that government-issued driver’s licenses serve many purposes beyond certifying the knowledge and competence of the driver. They are used as identity documents, which not only provide a path to social services, voting and citizenship but also give the holder access to public buildings and transportation facilities that require identification.
Authorizing insurers to test and license drivers and vehicles would eliminate these problems. A driving permit issued by an insurer or an insurance industry-affiliated organization would not provide a path to citizenship and could not be used as an identity document. But it would improve safety.
This is not a far-fetched idea. Placing responsibility on insurers is common in maritime transportation, for example, where safety is taken seriously - and ships and ships’ officers are tested and licensed by Lloyds of London and other insurers.
Because they could be held liable for any injuries caused or suffered by those they license, insurers would have compelling incentives to keep unsafe drivers and vehicles off public roads and probably would do it better than the government agencies now responsible.
For example, an October 2007 report by Maryland’s Office of Legislative Audits determined the state Motor Vehicle Administration’s accountability and compliance level was “unsatisfactory” in that required documentation was not always obtained for licenses issued and that driving licenses were issued even to dead people.
The report was particularly concerned about the implementation of Maryland’s Ignition Interlock program, which requires those convicted of drunken driving to have their vehicles equipped with devices that prevent them from starting if excessive alcohol levels are detected.
While Maryland’s MVA staff failed to properly enforce this program, can you imagine an insurance company, with tens of millions of dollars at risk, failing to enforce such an important deterrent?
In its 2000 report “Unlicensed to Kill,” the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed Maryland’s inability to control unlicensed driving was not unique.
According to the report, the percentage of unlicensed drivers in the 1990s varied from 6 percent in Maine to 23 percent in New Mexico. Unlicensed drivers were found to be almost five times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than licensed drivers, and 20 percent of all fatal accidents involved at least one driver without a valid license.
Testing and licensing by insurers could thus improve safety and reduce the number of uninsured drivers on our roads, without perpetuating the political problems created by government licensing of illegal immigrants.
It might also help resolve another controversy: allowing Mexican trucks to operate on U.S. highways. If insurers took responsibility for testing, licensing and insuring foreign vehicles and drivers, American road users would have less cause for worry.
Some might object to insurer licensing on the grounds it would give excessive power to insurance companies, which would try to maximize profits by insuring only the lowest risks. But so long as there is competition among insurers, applicants turned down by one company could go to another, and policies would tend to be granted whenever risks were covered by premiums.
In a competitive market, insurers would have an incentive to develop and insist on the use of safety measures such as Ignition Interlocks for alcoholics and devices to prevent elderly and long-distance drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.
Issuing driving licenses to illegal immigrants should not be the source of so much controversy. It can be dealt with by creating alternative licensing options that place the responsibility fairly and squarely where it belongs: in the hands of the responsible insurers.

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